If they’re not listening step away – Monday Motivation

If someone is refusing to listen you can’t open their ears.

If they’re set on shutting down you can’t get them to open up.

Walk away and free yourself of that burden. It’s not for you to wake everyone who refuses to be woken up. You can’t and you’ll kill yourself trying.

Close the door and let them lie.

you can't wake a person

Why should I change my life?

“I like depending on others, it’s nice when people help me out.” 

Look, I’m not calling for everyone to dump their friends, family and lovers. Think of it as finding your inner strength.

Are you following someone else’s goals? Would you be totally lost without someone helping you? You deserve to have self confidence and to achieve what you want out of life.

Be your own best friend and give yourself a boost in the right direction.

Your mind is a powerful thing