If they’re not listening step away – Monday Motivation

If someone is refusing to listen you can’t open their ears.

If they’re set on shutting down you can’t get them to open up.

Walk away and free yourself of that burden. It’s not for you to wake everyone who refuses to be woken up. You can’t and you’ll kill yourself trying.

Close the door and let them lie.

you can't wake a person

Never play the damsel in distress – for all women’s sake

Nobody likes the security lines at the airport. Patting your pockets to make sure you remembered to put everything in the tray. Did you put your lip balm in the plastic bag? Will they want your shoes?

When you’re in another country it’s even more nerve-wracking as the security staff yell instructions in another language.

I was in just this situation recently, coming home from a solo travel adventure. I heard a conversation between two girls behind me. Let’s call them Louise and Clara.

Louise “Did you put your perfume in the plastic bag?”

Clara “No I had too much make up in there. I’ve just left it out”

Louise “Just pretend you didn’t know”

Clara “If they catch me I’ll just cry and they’ll let me through. You can just get away with anything if you cry, they don’t know what to do”

This made me so angry.

Firstly, why are they above the rules when everyone else is doing their best to follow them. Trying to understand instructions in a foreign language.

Secondly, you’re doing all women massive damage. By turning on the tears and purposely playing a weak victim.

It’s hard enough getting people to take us seriously. We’re ignored in business meetings, we’re objectified and belittled constantly. We’re seen as weak, emotional and infantile. And when we complain about it we’re seen as whinging victims.

And these girls want to use that to their personal advantage.

Strong women don't play the victim

Women need to pull together. To exercise strength and dignity. Unless you’re in real actual danger turning on the waterworks is completely inexcusable.

Men already think women use tears to manipulate situations to their advantage. I’ve heard it said of many women around the office.


If you use the fact that you’re a woman to get out of doing something you are not just manipulating the people around you. You’re taking advantage of other women who are genuinely struggling. And you’re damaging yourself by being lazy and contriving.

Getting people to do something for you is not a privilege that comes with being female. Instead have some integrity. Suck it up and do things you don’t want to do sometimes.

So to Louise and Clara, and anyone tempted to play the victim – Stop crying wolf. Because when women really do need help we’re not getting it.