How to plan a spontaneous trip – in 3 steps

Before taking an epic trip I love researching what there is to see, and finding top local tips. But some of the best trips are totally spontaneous.

How can you make sure you make the best of your trip while keeping that spontaneous spark?

  1. List your priorities

See what there is to do in your destination and write a must-see list.

Make a note of the locations too so you can see at a glance what’s in each area of town.

  1. Book the necessities

If you’re travelling solo always book your accommodation in advance. Never show up in a new place on your own with nowhere to stay.

If any of your must-do activities need to be booked in advance go ahead and book that in. Aim to book just two or three of the main things in advance and bear in mind;

  • Don’t book anything for the day you arrive – Give yourself time to find your feet
  • Jetlag sucks – You won’t want to be on an evening cruise if your body thinks it’s 2am
  • Keep a note of cancellation fees – If you ditch your plans will you be out of pocket?
  1. Stop Planning

Seriously, step away from the planner!

You’re now armed with a list of;

  • Key things to see
  • Where they are
  • What time you have free to see them

You can slot them in where you want and take each day as it comes, safe in the knowledge that you’re not missing anything.

… Can’t stop yourself? For the organisation junkies-


If you just love planning you can make a list of restaurants, shops or activities in your travel notebook. You can even note down opening times, entry costs and directions.

Don’t let it dictate your trip but just have it on hand. Now you can always eat at the best restaurant no matter where you spontaneously end up.

Ok Trip Advisor can do this but you don’t always have the time or the mobile data to start searching online.

Do you have any other tips on how organisation lovers can be spontaneous on their travels? Share them in the comments