5 ways to beautify your bullet journal when you have zero art skills

  • Do you want your bullet journal look as beautiful as those Instagram and Pinterest?
  • Do your attempts at art look like a 5-year-old’s scribbles?

Me too! I’ve been slowly working out how to make my bullet journal look fabulous with minimal input from my own free hand.

Aside from copying other people’s layout ideas how can us non-artistic types make a Pinterest-worthy (or at least not awful looking) bullet journal?

  1. Stencils

Don’t draw by hand! You can get all kinds of stencils – some are just shapes, some are special icons and designs.

I got this metal set from Amazon which looked fabulous – heaps of little icons for marking up my bullets.

But a lot of the holes were smaller than any pen or pencil I possess so it’s just sitting at home in my craft box.


I picked up this blue stencil from Michael’s in Toronto. It’s got much better shapes I can actually use but is quite flimsy. I also had to cut it so it would fit in the back of my journal.

Have a look online and in craft shops for something with a variety of shapes and that’s practical for you.

2. Stickers

Again, anything that helps avoid drawing by hand.

Stickers- cats
My kawaii cat stickers

Look for a set that has a range of themes so you can use them on different kinds of pages. Like these adorable cats I got from eBay.

Stickers- planner

Stickers designed for planners can be really helpful for labelling pages or sections with a bit more flair than a plain black pen.

Just watch out for thick or shiny ones, they might bulk up your book or be difficult to write on.

3. Washi Tape

Washi tape 2The papery texture makes Washi Tape easy to write on (helping avoid bleed-through and ghosting) and it doesn’t bulk out your bullet journal pages.

You can get sets with a range of colours and patterns but I recommend picking out just the particular individual ones you want. A lot of sellers on eBay will let you choose individual rolls for around £1 each while a set from a ‘proper’ shop might be closer to £10-15.

My favourites have a variety of patterns on one roll. So I can cut off one section and not have that pattern repeated for 10 more pages.

4. Tracing

Font 1

A little old-school but it works! Find some awesome fonts online and print them off. Most bullet journals have thin enough pages that you can trace over them. Now you can create fabulous decorative lettering without screwing it up.

Or find some bold image designs online to print or trace from your phone screen.

5. Stick things in

Spanish stamps

Stamps make wonderful decorations. They can be vintage or colourful, on a whole range of themes and they’re small enough to stick into your bullet journal.

Travel tips page
Washi tape postage stamp combo

Since you’re on eBay looking at washi tape take a look at what stamps are on offer.

Magazines have loads of pictures and lettering you could cut out to decorate a dull looking page. Just try to avoid the ransom note look.

If you have access to a nice printer try printing out tiny pictures of your family and friends.


Do you have any other tips to help out your fellow non-artistic bullet journal lovers? Share them in the comments

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